“… This poignant war story delivers its message of faith in a natural, organic way. It gently shows rather than tells. It helps us care for wounded people and illustrates the ways men and women of God can influence those around them, even in the midst of the warring difficulties of life.”
Plugged In
“An arresting faith-based drama.”
Joe Leydon, Variety
“INDIVISIBLE is a high-quality, God-honoring, emotional ride, which promotes a deep dedication to Christian faith and realistic Christian support for military families.”
“Even in the broken stories—whether it be the Turners in INDIVISIBLE or the countless others sprawled out across the heartland—redemption is possible. Marriage is worth fighting for. Hope is sustaining. And faith will carry us through even the deepest, darkest valleys.”
Molly Huggins, The Grace Between
“Every couple needs to see this film.”
Bob Lepine, Co-host, FamilyLife Today
“The story line for INDIVISIBLE was gripping, the acting was impeccable, the soundtrack was strong, the script was poignant, and the message was inspirational.”
A Beautiful, Camouflaged, Mess of a Life
“Audiences looking for quality stories about faith and patriotism will find INDIVISIBLE to be a thoughtful and satisfying motion picture.”
“INDIVISIBLE is a fantastic movie which gets a 5/5 ranking. It is a must-see. …”
Dustin Siggins, PJ Media
“What’s refreshing about INDIVISIBLE … is the way it balances the narratives of the troops away at war and the family members who stay at home.”
Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times
“INDIVISIBLE is an earnest, heartfelt and often touching story…”
Roger Moore, Movie Nation
“INDIVISIBLE swells to a satisfying conclusion.”
Christian Toto, Hollywood In Toto
“INDIVISIBLE is a powerful, must-see film, a true story that is raw, emotional and gripping. It is an eye-opening film, that testifies to faithfulness and the power of God’s mercy.”
The Christian Film Review
“What sets this film apart from most Christian-oriented fare is that its characters are more complex …”
Kam Williams, Syndicated Critic
“I enjoyed watching INDIVISIBLE. It is an exciting film …”
Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire