“INDIVISIBLE is now one of my favorite Christian films! I had tears watching it and was moved both emotionally and spiritually. If you liked Fireproof, you are going to love INDIVISIBLE.”
Alex Kendrick, Director, War Room and Overcomer
"Emotionally powerful, INDIVISIBLE accurately portrays not only the challenges of marriage, but also the beauty and the importance of commitment, love and faith in the real world. This true-life movie is a must see for every couple."
Gary Chapman, PhD. Bestselling Author, The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition
“As the grandson of a World War II Marine who fought at Iwo Jima and loved my grandma for over 60 years, INDIVISIBLE tells a story that resonates with my core values of enduring faith, courage, and unbreakable love. Love it!”
Kirk Cameron
"INDIVISIBLE is gripping and poignant in its open portrayal of real-life challenges. A brilliant reminder that we are never alone."
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of, Author of The Grace of Yes
"A powerful example of God’s work in people’s lives!"
Jordan Feliz
"INDIVISIBLE is an authentic story of God’s enormous power to heal marriages, elevate faith, and strengthen families. A must-see movie!"
Alita Reynolds, Foundational Voice, Women of Faith
“Our warriors who return from military service overseas often carry wounds which don’t easily heal. For many, reengaging on the home front can be even harder than the war itself. INDIVISIBLE is a first-hand account of relentless love triumphing over life’s greatest battles. Every marriage will be strengthened, every family changed.”
Carey Cash, Author, A Table in the Presence
"Military couples have an uphill battle to maintain healthy marriages, whether in deployment or stateside. INDIVISIBLE is one of the best films on marriage I have ever seen. It is an honest look inside the homes and hearts of our heroes bringing hope and encouragement that they can win the battle!"
Dr. Gary Rosberg, America’s Family Coaches, Author of 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love
"This is a powerful, compelling, true-to-life story about a real couple and their struggle to keep their family and marriage together after military deployment. Every couple needs to see this film!"
Bob Lepine, Co-Host, FamilyLife Today
“Raw, real, and relatable. A powerful movie with a powerful message for all marriages.”
Mark and Jill Savage, Authors, No More Perfect Marriages
“INDIVISIBLE is an amazing, real-life example of how God can use every part of our lives—the good and the bad—to work for His glory. This movie will inspire you to lean on God and truly honor Him in your marriage!”
Susan Merrill, Founder, iMom
“Working with and researching military relationship issues, I find the characters in this movie to be so real. INDIVISIBLE focuses on the real ups and downs of life and relationships.”
Shaunti Feldhahn, Social researcher, bestselling author, and popular speaker
“Powerful and eye-opening, INDIVISIBLE illustrates the redeeming power of God’s merciful and healing love manifested through Christian marriage and family. Well done! You won’t want to miss this movie!”
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, EWTN TV host and award-winning author (including By Dawn’s Early Light: Prayers and Meditations for Catholic Military Wives)
“I believe the Lord will use INDIVISIBLE to help chaplains, soldiers, military families—in fact, any family—to dialogue more genuinely and to turn to the Lord when facing the trials of combat or the stresses any trauma can place on a marriage or family.”
Chaplain (Colonel) Dan Ames, US Army, Retired
"I highly recommend this incredible film."
Susana Garza, Executive Director, The Frontline Faith Project
"No movie has ever captured the deployment experience, both for the service member and spouse at home, as beautifully as INDIVISIBLE. It validates those who have fought off the mistress of war in their marriage and offers hope in the Turners’ determination to fight for each other.”
Corie Weathers, Licensed Professional Counselor, Author of Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage
"As a military mom, watching INDIVISIBLE was an emotional experience that captured the sacrifices families make as their loved ones go to war. It is a refreshingly motivating story of great hope and recovery that is much needed. Everyone who loves a service member should see this film."
Elaine Brye, Author of Be Safe, Love Mom
"INDIVISIBLE tells the story of the unsung heroes that minister to military. This story needs to be told! This film will help you appreciate the service that chaplains give to warriors and the sacrifices military families make for the soul of our country."
Pastor Jeff Struecker, Member of the Ranger Hall of Fame, Award-winning author
"Service, mission, sacrifice, brotherhood, loyalty, family, and God all wrestle for a man’s top priority in the action-packed movie INDIVISIBLE! Terrific!"
Brian Doyle, President, Iron Sharpens Iron
"A masterful movie bringing to life God’s ability to restore war-damaged marriages and families. A great story of hope and restoration."
Clair Hoover, National Coalition of Ministries to Men
"An emotionally riveting story that portrays the high price paid by military chaplains that provide the 'ministry of presence’ to troops in a combat zone. The movie will convict those suffering the invisible wounds of war on the importance of telling their personal war story to their loved ones and those willing to understand the depth of their soul injury."
Chaplain (Major General) Doug Carver, U.S. Army, Retired
“Absolutely inspiring and relevant for couples and caregivers.”
Fr. Pinto Paul, C.S.C., Holy Cross Family Ministries
“A powerful testimony to family life.”
Tara Brooke, Diocese of Bismark, Director of Family Life
“Inspiring story of faith and perseverance!”
Valerie Maty, Diocese of Joliet, Associate Director of Family Ministry
"INDIVISIBLE is the first war film I have watched since my retirement. This film thoroughly resonated with my experience as a chaplain and husband who accompanied over 3,000 soldiers through the Iraqi War, and also rear detachment challenges faced by American families. Very well done!"
CH (LTC-Ret.) Dixey Behnken, U.S. Army
“Military marriages and families are under tremendous pressure today, and INDIVISIBLE dramatically and honestly shows that with God’s help and a supportive community, a family can be resilient, stand together, and fight through every challenge. INDIVISIBLE is a ‘must-see’ movie for every military family.”
Benita Koeman, Founder, Operation We Are Here
“INDIVISIBLE powerfully portrays compassion in action, but it also reveals how those who are committed to caring for others can face their own relational struggles. The good news is God’s healing power is available to everyone!”
Kay Horner, Executive Director Awakening America Alliance
"As America's longest war carries on and couples face struggles in an ever-changing world, this film points to how we can remain Indivisible in our marriages and in our walk with God."
Justin D. Roberts, Director of No Greater Love, Former Army Chaplain
"As a retired Army chaplain, watching INDIVISIBLE was like experiencing reality for me, because I lived through much of what it portrayed. I cried at numerous points while viewing INDIVISIBLE, because the movie tapped into my emotions, experiences, and the tragedies I have experienced and personally helped many Soldiers work through. INDIVISIBLE was indeed true to life, reflecting the experiences of tens of thousands of Soldiers. I highly recommend INDIVISIBLE to all military personnel, and to every family, church, synagogue, mosque, or organization—secular or religious."
Chaplain (MAJ) James F. Linzey, USA (Ret.), Founding President, Military Bible Association
“Very powerful presentation of the tremendous pressure that affects family of those in service, especially those who are putting their lives at risk for the safety and well-being of others and for peace in our troubled world.”
Bishop George J. Rassas, Archdiocese of Chicago
“The film was extraordinarily moving and a wonderful tool to help people strengthen their faith.”
Deb Kelsey Davis, Nourish for Caregivers, Co-Founder
Dave Erickson, St. Joseph’s Family Ministry Coordinator
“Inspiring movie that gets real in showing the struggles of faith people face.”
Clara Carneiro, Mary Immaculate, Director of Family Life
Amand Zurface, St. Thomas Aquinas, Director of Faith Formation
“Very inspiring and made me connect with the struggle veterans families go through.”
Jeanette Senevirante, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Associate Director of Family Life